Saturday, June 4, 2016

Wave Magic now in the Leap Motion Gallery

After posting the first playable demo for Wave Magic Alex from Leap Motion contacted me and had it uploaded to their gallery and featured in today's newsletter. You can download and play the latest version here:

Updates are now also being posted to the game's Facebook pages here:

And here is a change log for version 0.2:

- Added "Wind Bomb" Spell, a mid range spell that damages enemy in a small area of effect.
- Added "Fast Shooter Enemy", a harder ground ranged enemy that won't spawn until you have survived for a while.
- All enemy's now have idle sounds to help indicate where they are.
- Fixed bug where particle effects on hands would sometimes not disappear.
- Moved enemy spawners to be closer to one side of the arena.
- Edited scenery in the Desert map
- Made aim assist on Fireball stop seeking after it passes its target.
- Adjusted menu position.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Explosive Power

     The fireballs definitely needed a bit more kick so I added an explosion on collision. This makes the fireballs feel much more powerful and is a minor visual upgrade while I wait for christian to finish the fireball particles. In addition to this I added a melee enemy type. This guy simply walks up to you and starts punching you until you kill him. It can be quite startling to turn around and see one of these up in your face. To make aiming projectiles a little easier I added an aim assist system that helps guide your projectiles towards a target to some degree. I may include an option to turn this off if you want a greater challenge. I also got the fireballs to launch faster based on the speed of your palm which also feels very cool. And finally, you can punch enemies to kill them now, because why not?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Wave Magic is Shaping Up

This prototype has come a long way since last week. I've added a load of placeholder art assets which is a step above the cubes and capsules from before. I have a rudimentary menu that allows you to customize you're spell load-out now. In addition to this I added a rock wall spell, 1 enemy type, and a basic enemy spawning algorithm. Playable demo should be up this weekend. Just need to do some more testing.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Spell Casting in VR Update

I've gone a bit further with my spell casting Leap Motion concept and added an enemy that fire projectiles at you and a flamethrower spell. Spells are easily inter-changeable for each hand so you can choose to have flamethrower on your right, fire ball on your left, two fire balls, or whatever you like. The enemy projectiles can be knocked away with your hands, dodged or destroyed with flames. Check out the video.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Playing With Fire

       I recently got my Oculus Rift in the mail and had to start playing around with some ideas. Here's a short demo of a spell casting concept. I used the leap motion from hand tracking and used opening and closing my hands to fire spells. You can also affect the speed of the missile with the velocity of your hand. When my palm opens to about 60% a spell is fired. It's a pretty fun little concept I may expand on.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Pigeon Simulator Update

Pigeon Simulator has made quite a bit of progress since February. In addition to Kody Dennis doing some scripting with me I now also have My girlfriend Nardeana Nop doing UI graphics, Donovan is working on our pigeon model and Vanessa Leong is helping manage the project with Asana. I have decided to re-target the game for mobile and have adopted a quick mission based system with increasing difficulty.

So far I have started implemented the menus and have the first mission type working. As of now there are 3 mission types planned: Normal Assassination where a target is placed in the world and you simply have to run your blade through them to win, Ring Assassination, where you must fly through a series of rings before assassinating your target, and Runaway Assassination, where the target is aware of you and will attempt to run and hide.

The pigeon can now take damage. Running into walls head on will cause you to lose a heart. Early on the challenge comes from trying to squeeze into tight spaces to complete the assassination which may result in head on collisions. 3 hits causes a mission failure. Later missions will also feature enemies which will actively attempt to hurt you while you fly. Each mission will eventually give a star rating based on how quickly it was completed.

Design for the first world has begun. It is a city environment designed to be easy to maneuver through but feature a few tricky assassination spots. Most current level assets are purchased through the Unity Asset Store. Donvan has finished modeling and texturing the first pigeon model and ahs moved onto rigging.

I have a lot planned for Pigeon Simulator down the line including new birds with different ways to assassinate the target, dynamic enemies, and new interesting mission types. If you're interested in seeing some of the development I was live streaming the day before I had to drive to GDC 2016, watch the VOD here: 

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Pigeon Simulator

Pigeon simulator is a comedic 3d action-stealth game where the player plays as a pigeon in a city tasked with assassinating a human target. This is a fun new side project I'm working on with a friend. I've started scripting the bird flight controls and I'm liking the way it's coming along so far. The bird controls like a plane would (Roll the body left and right and pull up to turn). I'm using a rigid body with constant velocity and a gravity modifier to increase speed based on your vertical angle and how long you've been traveling in that direction. I have no terminal velocity implemented yet. You can also barrel roll, click to increase speed, and press space to ascend, still messing with what movement mechanics I like but i definitely want a ground navigation mode where you can hop around the ground slowly. Can't wait to script combat. Here's a quick video, models and animation are temporary: