Thursday, October 29, 2015

Mobile Infinite Downhill Derby VR

I recently started working on an infinite arcade style racing game which uses nothing but head tilt to control the vehicle. The turning is controlled by rolling your head slightly left and right. This allows you to also look around without steering out of control as well as not requiring the use of a controller with the Gear VR to play, check it out.

This video may be down and the old file is missing, here's a link to it on facebook:

I modeled the car and road pieces by myself. Currently working on a track generation algorithm.

Next on my list to script is:
  • Suspension updating the axles correctly.
  • Random traffic
  • Scoring system
As usual, staying under 50k triangles has been difficult, I'm experimenting with new inexpensive ways to add detail, luckily my draw calls are still in check.