Friday, April 20, 2018

1vsYou, Exploring Turn Based Combat in VR

I've recently been messing around with a prototype for a turn based VR combat system. Here's a quick gif of the prototype:

The idea is that combat happens in turns but the spells and abilities still require some finesse via the track controllers, as well as required the player to physically dodge enemy attacks with their body. But why turn based combat for VR? Why use a more primitive system with modern hardware? As I mentioned in the r/oculus thread where I shared my gif: Here, I like turn based combat because it gives the player the ability to control the pace of the battle. They can slow down and think their actions through on their turn allowing for a more tactical and mindful game flow. However the capabilities of VR are not wasted as attacks are still aimed.

I believe this system allows for the fun of tracked controller interaction while incorporating the rpg combat feel of early jrpgs like Final Fantasy. Not to mention the extra immersion you gain from using a VR headset. I have a lot of interesting concepts I want to explore this project and as I post more updates I will reveal the themes and gameplay styles I want to further delve into.

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