Saturday, March 12, 2016

Pigeon Simulator Update

Pigeon Simulator has made quite a bit of progress since February. In addition to Kody Dennis doing some scripting with me I now also have My girlfriend Nardeana Nop doing UI graphics, Donovan is working on our pigeon model and Vanessa Leong is helping manage the project with Asana. I have decided to re-target the game for mobile and have adopted a quick mission based system with increasing difficulty.

So far I have started implemented the menus and have the first mission type working. As of now there are 3 mission types planned: Normal Assassination where a target is placed in the world and you simply have to run your blade through them to win, Ring Assassination, where you must fly through a series of rings before assassinating your target, and Runaway Assassination, where the target is aware of you and will attempt to run and hide.

The pigeon can now take damage. Running into walls head on will cause you to lose a heart. Early on the challenge comes from trying to squeeze into tight spaces to complete the assassination which may result in head on collisions. 3 hits causes a mission failure. Later missions will also feature enemies which will actively attempt to hurt you while you fly. Each mission will eventually give a star rating based on how quickly it was completed.

Design for the first world has begun. It is a city environment designed to be easy to maneuver through but feature a few tricky assassination spots. Most current level assets are purchased through the Unity Asset Store. Donvan has finished modeling and texturing the first pigeon model and ahs moved onto rigging.

I have a lot planned for Pigeon Simulator down the line including new birds with different ways to assassinate the target, dynamic enemies, and new interesting mission types. If you're interested in seeing some of the development I was live streaming the day before I had to drive to GDC 2016, watch the VOD here: